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La petite Aurore l’enfant martyre [excerpt]

Dir. : Jean-Yves Bigras [Alliance Cinématographique canadienne, 1952]

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Source : France Film
Length: 2:59 |

Inspired by a news story from the 1920s that had already been staged in the theatre, this feature film by Jean-Yves Bigras sealed the entry into Quebecers’ collective imagination of the staggering story of Aurore, mistreated until her death by her horrible step-mother. This melodrama was one of the greatest popular successes in the history of Quebec cinema. In this excerpt, a well-intentioned neighbour, Catherine (Janette Bertrand), gains Aurore’s trust, and the girl tells her about the cruelty to which she is subjected. An unfortunate comment on the part of Catherine to the stepmother (“At least I don’t knock little kids around!”) nevertheless brings new punishments to Aurore.

Film categories associated with this film : Fiction et Rural life and Women